Free Hosting

 WHT inserts some JavaScript at the end of every page. If the user uses frames the script looks for a big one and inserts header and footer in it. If the index page is viewed and you use the first method (see below), WHT can pop up a window.

 WHT adds header and footer with DOM, so it will not work with very old or poorly written browsers. It will certainly work with IE 5 and 6 Netscape 6 (Mozilla) Opera 7 ...

 You can add new folders in the advertise directory for a new category. The name of the new folder will appear as a category in the registration form. You have to add three files in the new folder similar to those in the default directory. Of course, you have to edit the files to change the header and the footer. If later you want to remove category just remove the folder. But users who already use it will be redirected to the default category. You can change every user's category in the admin area.

  I developed two methods to implement the above features:

 The first one adds header/footer only in static html files. So users can't use CGI and PHP.

 The second method can add header/footer even if the page is generated by CGI program. PHP built as Apache module will not work (I suppose CGI version will). This method is still experimental and requires the ext_filter Apache module.

 Note: You can't use the second method with the standart httpd rpm package in RedHat 9. If you use this distribution and want to use the second method download the rpm from here. The only difference between the standart and my rpm is that I enabled the ext_filter module.

 To uninstall the standart and install my rpm:

  # rpm -e --nodeps httpd-2.0.40-21
  # rpm -ivh /path/to/my/rpm/httpd-

 Your old httpd.conf file will be saved as httpd.conf.rpmsave. Not to configure Apache again delete the new httpd.conf file and rename the old httpd.conf.rpmsave to httpd.conf. You can use the same procedure for all the Apache configuration files in /etc/httpd/conf.d. Now insert the following row in httpd.conf:

LoadModule ext_filter_module modules/mod_ext_filter.so

 If you want to use the second method change the value of the $enable_cgi_free variable in conf_inc.php to "on". To allow users to use MySQL $free_db="on".