Edit the configuration file conf_inc.php.

    Go to http://your_domain.com/wht/admin and set the admin password

    May be you already have set up Apache's and BIND's configurations for your domains but now you must register them in the wht database. To do so without WHT to insert <Virtual Host... > section in httpd.conf and create  named zone register your domains at http://your_domain.com/wht/admin. You will see the following text "To register new domain without WHT to change Apache's and BIND's configurations click  here". Click the link here and register. Your domains will be owned by the admin user. For more info visit Apache and BIND.

    To be able WHT to register subdomains of your system domains your zone files (usually in the /var/named directory) have to be named as follows:
   For the domain somedomain.com the file must have the name somedomain.com.db (not somedomain.com as it is in Slackware or somedomain.com.zone as it is in RedHat).

   If the files have not the proper names you can rename them and edit BIND's configuration file (usually /etc/named.conf). Just replace the row

file "somedomain.com";
file "somedomain.com.zone";


file "somedomain.com.db";


   Go to http://your_domain.com/wht/sudo_check.php

If you don't see anything sudo is not configured properly or $httpd_passwd is not correct.
You have to see the content of the wht directory.


    Initially WHT is set in testmode and will not connect paypal.com. After testing and (or) making changes set the $testmode variable in the conf_inc.php file to "off"
WHT uses a feature named Instant Payment Notification offered by paypal.com. To set up IPN for your account read the PayPal documentation (ipn.pdf page 12)

You have to test IPN before accepting payments.

If there is something wrong contact me.